12 July 2011

Development Camp - Group B: 12 July 2011

As with yesterday, I need help with some of these guys. I've updated yesterday's posts as well, but the pictures will be numbered and ID'd if I know who they are or they have been ID'd by someone else.

Group B: Mattias Sjogren, Brock Montpetit, Danick Paquette, Stanislav Galiev, Travis Boyd, Greg Burke, Mitch Elliot, Garrett Ross, Cameron Burt, Caleb Herbert, Aaron Schmit, T.J. Syner, Reid Edmondson, Adam Mitchell, Brett Flemming, Scott Wietecha, Conor Allen, Mike Boivin, Kyle Follmer, Dmitri Orlov, Karl Stollery, Nick Tabisz, Brandon Anderson, Jacob Gervais-Chouinard

01. Caleb Herbert




05. Brett Flemming

06. Mitch Elliot


08. Cameron Burt

09. Greg Burke


11. Dmitri Orlov

12. Stanislav Galiev

13. Brett Flemming

14. Brandon Anderson

15. Caleb Herbert


17. Nick Tabisz

18. Brandon Anderson


20. Danick Paquette

21. Caleb Herbert

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