11 April 2010

USA Hockey's 2010 Disabled Hockey Festival - USA Amputee Team

And now for something just a little different.

Saturday afternoon, I had the chance to tag along with The Hockey Girls to the 2010 Disabled Hockey Festival, held in Laurel, MD this year. It was truly an amazing experience.

The first set of pictures here is of the USA Amputee Team during their game vs. Canada. My apologies, I don't have a roster to let you know who these inspirational gentlemen are, but you can find out more information about the entire festival at USA Hockey Disabled Festival and USAHockey.com.

In the coming days, I'll post pictures of the Canadian team, and you'll also be able to find exclusive content at The Hockey Girls.


  1. Thank you! What a nice tribute to some pretty special people.

  2. Fantastic job! I am sorry I didn't know about this or else I would've gone as well. Great job, girl!