08 April 2010

Practice @ Kettler - 08 April 2010


  1. It's great how you really capture the happiness of all the guys in these pictures. It seems like they all have great camradeire and really enjoying working with/being around each other. A happy work environment perpetuates success/prosperity/etc, we can clearly see this in how amazing the Caps record is this year. The Caps definitely have a great locker room.

    I've played on a number of teams (youth, high-school, etc) where the teams haven't gotten along, and it would simply sap the energy out of the locker room and would make people not look forward to coming to the rink/interacting with their teammates. I've been on high-school teams that should have won state championships but ultimately didn't because we crumbled when it mattered most because we didn't trust/like/believe in our teammates. The entire team/locker-room was divided in half and was against each other.

    Really great to see (as it appears) how much these guys like each other. Hopefully this in addition to skill and hard work brings them to being Cup champions.

  2. In that first picture, Nicky looks like a mom admonishing a child -- so cute!

  3. Hockey how it's supposed to be played...for fun. Great pictures.