15 November 2009

Game 20 @ Prudential Center - 14 November 2009: Washington Capitals vs. New Jersey Devils


  1. Nice pics.

    Nicky's hair is getting long again.

    Sloan and Green have priceless expressions.

    Sasha's hair is blowing so wild.

  2. Sloan's eyes are... Wow! Keep the Sloan pictures coming :)

  3. I love the one of Sasha where his hair is blowing everywhere :D

  4. These are great, hun! It's fun to see your pictures with the boys in white. They are really beautiful.

    Saw you spark convo on the Rink too. xD You go girl.

  5. @Jess

    Those pics certainly sparked a lot of conversation on Japers, especially the one of Semin and his flyaway hair.

    It will be the last one we'll see of Semin for awhile since he's now finally gone on Injured Reserve for his bad wrist. Sigh! (BTW, I enjoy seeing Semin)

  6. Beautiful pictures. My faves are of Sloan, B'Mo, and Stecks smiling. :) But they are all so breathtaking!