27 November 2009

Practice @ Kettler - 27 November 2009


  1. I love the picture of Brooks and of Jose. He looks all short in comparison. :P Also of Semin. Haha. You never cease to amaze me with these!

  2. semin is so adorable!!
    haha mo looks so creepy with his stache.
    jose looks tiiiiiiiiny without his helmet!!

  3. How apropos the "warrior" gloves in the very first pic of QLaing. BTW, all the pics are great. The JBeagle pic is strikingly good.

  4. Beautiful pics. We lead off and close with our "bad luck" boys, Laing and Semin.

    Beags is seated on the bench!

    Alzner looks so innocent and sweet!

    Theo looks so small!

    What's so funny, Ovi?

    Semin appears to be covering his mouth when laughing.

    Flash, as usual, has a great smile.