21 February 2011

Hershey Bears vs Charlotte Checkers - 20 February 2011: Jersey Auction

Something a little different for you tonight with the jersey auction. Before each picture will be the price the jersey sold for, from lowest to highest.

Johann Kroll, $800

Andrew Carroll, $800

Phil Oreskovic, $850

Andrew Joudrey, $850

Todd Ford, $850

Lawrence Nycholat, $900

Sean Collins, $900

Dmitry Kugryshev, $900

Boyd Kane, $950

Josh Godfrey, $950

Brian Fahey, $1000

Brian Willsie, $1000

David DeKastrozza, $1000

Ashton Rome, $1000

Maxime Lacroix, $1000

Sheldon Souray, $1050

Dany Sabourin, $1050

Zach Miskovic, $1050

Francois Bouchard, $1100

Patrick Wellar, $1100

Dylan Yeo, $1100

As promised, Dylan sings for the crowd because his jersey sold for over $1000.

Andrew Gordon, $1250

Kyle Greentree, $1250

Steve Pinizzotto, $1350

Keith Aucoin, $1350

Patrick McNeill, $1350

Joel Rechlicz, $1700

Braden Holtby, $2000

And Jay Beagle with the most expensive jersey, $2050


  1. Jesusgod, what is Souray wearing???

  2. (I thought my wife was going to throw out her shoulder bidding on theJ Jay Beagle Jersey)
    Thanks for the jersey, Jay.

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