09 October 2010

Morning Skate - 09 October 2010

Happy Home Opener folks! Today's Morning Skate pictures are brought to you by our newest photographer, Katherine. I'm excited to have her on board and looking forward to the perspective she'll bring. Please join Caps In Pictures in welcoming her!

Here's a little more about Katherine:

I'm currently a junior at the College of William & Mary, where my major is Anthropology with a minor in East Asian Studies, and am a member of Alpha Chi Omega. I moved to the DC area during the lockout, so my first exposure to the Caps was when they showed up to practice at the same rink my best friend was having her 16th birthday party. We like to think they were the guests of honor. I also grew up in Dallas when the Stars were actually relevant, so I am still rather fond of them. Hockey and photography are two of my favorite things, so being able to combine them is beyond exciting. You can also find me on Twitter @stonyglenrider.

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