01 March 2010

Hershey Bears - Washington Capitals Jersey Auction: 27 February 2010


  1. So many knit caps! But I think Perrault's picture is my favorite, looks like he should be a alternative rock star like from Muse or something ha.

  2. Two thoughts:

    I *NEED* that Bacashihua photo. Badly. And the Holtby one.

    Secondly, Beagle looks like the second coming of my first hockey boyfriend, Mr. Richard Zednik. And therefore, I would like that picture too. '

    Great job with the photos - far better than mine!

    (I now secretly love Franky B.)

  3. Wow! I've never seem him with a smile! Never seen him without a helmet, for that matter.

    Anywho... Great shots!

  4. You saved the best for last :) Nice work!

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