13 September 2009

Training Camp: Group A - 13 September 2009


  1. I guess you only could attend the early session. You got pictures of the "eager beaver" group who I've dubbed with that moniker since they were on the ice before their scheduled time of 10:00. (And I thought that getting there a few minutes before 10:00 would let me see them get on ice.)

    I see Nicky got his hair cut (but still has his front hair going back). Who is that baby faced defenseman.

    Another note on Group A. All the birthday boys seem to be included. Theodore's was today. Ovi's is in 3 days. Fehr just had one on the 7th and I know Holtby has one coming up soon.

  2. I love that second one of Nicky! He looks so pensive or something. :D