21 August 2009

Outtakes - Defenseman Week: The Hershey Bears

I warred with myself a bit on adding these guys this week, but as I went back through my pictures, they really did play a big part in getting us through the season. So here they are - The Hershey Bears callups.

Karl Alzner

Bryan Helmer

Tyler Sloan

Sami Lepisto

Sean Collins


  1. Sami's like, "I'm a Dear!"

  2. Fantastic pictures! :D

  3. Great pictures! Now all you need to do to complete the defensemen week is to add pictures of Erskine and Pothier. (Or to use nicknames, Oisk and Potsy.) Note on the name Pothier, it's French for maker of drinking and storage vessels from the old French word "pot".

  4. Tyler Sloan is awesome ;)