01 April 2009

A Summer of Caps?

Hi Folks!

Now that the regular season is starting to wind down, I find myself wondering what I should do with this blog in the off-season.

Obviously, I could just go on a general hiatus, only updating when and if the Caps have a sanctioned event.

Another option that has presented itself, though, would be for me to dig through all of the photos throughout the past year and, every few days, post something you guys have never seen before. Is this something you'd be interested in seeing happen? If I do this, I'm also considering more guest photographers throughout the summer. I know a lot of you out there take pictures at games - do you want to see one of your photos (or the photos of others) here?

Let me know what you think! What are YOU interested in seeing or not seeing when bonus hockey is over?

And, of course, in the meantime, I'll keep going with Caps pictures until we're done and Bears pictures when I can get up there!


  1. Yes yes yes, a thousand times YES!

  2. I'd love to see more pictures throughout the summer. I miss my Caps in the offseason, so that would be awesome!

  3. Yeah that sound's good. Maybe like a Top 10...or Top 50 :-) countdown of your favorite pictures! That'd be pretty cool. You could even throw in a poll too see what picture is the best. Just a thought

  4. yes yes please :D
    the very idea makes my day brighter!

  5. Top 10 or past great photos would be awesome. I'd also love to hear some stories behind the photos if there are any!

  6. Would love to see more pictures during the summer- both those of yours that didn't make the blog and also from guest photogs.

  7. I'd love to see Top Tens... like the ten favorites, ten funny pictures, etc.

    Seriously, though, I get get to be Caps starved in the Summer, so anything would be awesome. :)

  8. Yes, this is a great idea! I really enjoy your pictures and would love to see any additional photos during the off-season. Thanks for asking!