14 May 2009

The End of a Season

Hi Everyone,

What a season, eh?

I've got two sets of new pictures yet to post, though it will likely take me a day or two to get to them. After everything, I need a couple of days to decompress. Although, I might find that I'm compelled to work on them sooner.

With the Hershey Bears still going strong, I'll try to find my way up to take pictures there. And in about a week, maybe less, I'll get started on my off-season postings. If you'd like me to feature any of your pictures from throughout the season for a day, please email me at capsinpictures@gmail.com.

Thanks for a great season, guys. Here's to the next one!


  1. Thanks for all the awesome pictures this season!

  2. thank you very very much for all your wonderful pics! xoxox :)

  3. Thanks for the great work and wonderful record of the past season. Have a great summer and get ready to 'Rock the Red' next season!